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We believe in finding practical, resource efficient and robust solutions to your complex compliance issues and in continuing to find new and innovative ways to help workplaces eliminate work-related injuries, illnesses and fatalities. Our four-step comprehensive safety management program will be customized to suit your needs. It consists of a comprehensive workplace inspection and hazard evaluation; working with senior management to develop your company’s health and safety plan; implementation of the new formed policies; and conducting regular reviews to monitor progress.

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Service Plans

I2P2 will work with senior management, union, workplace health and safety representative and/or your joint workplace health and safety committee (if applicable) to develop your workplace health & safety policies and procedures and outline a training matrix and I2P2 annual service plan for continual improvement.


Safety Committees

Even a well structured workplace health & safety committee with a clear-cut purpose, composed of knowledgeable and trained members fully aware of their responsibilities, can still be ineffective. There may be other reasons for lack of committee effectiveness or why the committee does not carry out its duties.


Health & Safety Training

Our I2P2 Workplace Health & Safety Training platforms provide clients with the ability to assign one or several of our online workplace health & safety training courses to employees and monitor progress during the training. We also offer in-house and public course options.


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