Safeguarding of Machinery & Equipment

Each year in Ontario, there are about 3,000* workplace injuries involving machinery. Safeguarding is a way to protect workers from the hazards associated with machines. Safeguarding is achieved by physically restricting access to hazards or by stopping a machine’s moving part before contact is made. Safeguarding often includes the use of barriers, fixed guards, manual pull-backs, pressure-sensitive protective devices or active opto-electronic protective devices (AOPDs), as well as other means.

Consulting, Assessment and Training
Our safeguarding specialists will work with you to:

  • Identify the various tasks
  • Identify and analyze the hazards associated with each task
  • Evaluate the risks associated with each hazard
  • Discuss safeguarding control measures to mitigate these risks

We can also provide customized training programs targeted to the specific needs of your company. For more information on how I2P2’s safeguarding services can benefit your organization, call 1-877-941-0707 or 613-369-5151.

*Workplace Safety & Insurance Board
Statistical Supplement to the 2010 Annual Report


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